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Total Nutra

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ONLY THE BEST LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL 50MG: Don’t waste time & money on chlorophyll supplements with no results. Total Nutra’s powerful & efficient chlorophyll supplement is made with chlorophyllin, a more easily absorbed form of chlorophyll extract, so these Vegan Liquid Chlorophyll Drops for water start working immediately, with a faster 98% absorption rate vs. chlorophyll capsules, gummies or tablets.

NATURALLY ALKALINE DROPS: Chlorophyll is naturally alkalizing, which helps balance the body's PH levels & promote good overall function. Densely nutritious with Vitamins A, C, E, K, Magnesium, Iron, Calcium + Antioxidants; our Natural Chlorophyll Mint Drops may also boost immunity, help lower bad cholesterol & reduce body odor as an internal deodorant, while supporting healthy thyroid function & hormone balance to reduce acne breakouts & signs of aging.

SUPPORT A HEALTHY LIVER DETOX: Enjoy improved vitality as these chlorophyll liquid drops for water deliver an oxygen boost to cells – Liquid chlorophyll mint drops improve the production & quality of blood cells for greater immune health & increased flow of oxygen throughout the body. And our Chlorophyll Herbal Supplement has a pleasant, natural flavor. Taking care of yourself never tasted so good!

OPTIMIZED LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL SUPPLEMENT: You’ll enjoy the refreshing taste of our Mint Flavored Chlorophyll Complex, derived from 100% Organic pure peppermint oil. Many chlorophyll extract liquid products contain too much chlorophyll, which can upset the stomach or stain teeth. With only 4 ingredients, our All Natural Liquid Chlorophyll dietary supplement gives you the ideal concentration for max bioavailability, without bloating or nausea.

HIGHEST QUALITY VEGAN SUPPLEMENT: Non-GMO, with zero added sugars, gluten, or soy; our liquid chlorophyll drop formula is Made in the USA and third-party tested for highest quality & freshness so you only get the best chlorophyll liquid available. Use our vegan peppermint chlorophyll water drops to naturally supplement your intake of dark, leafy greens, cleanse the digestive system, boost energy & maximize your personal wellness as an immune support supplement. 

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